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McCulloch Motors Corporation is an American manufacturer of chainsaws and other outdoor power tools. The company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1943 by Robert Paxton McCulloch as a manufacturer of small two-stroke gasoline engines and introduced its first chainsaw in 1948, the Model 5-49. McCulloch and its brand are owned by Husqvarna.

Lance shared his experience using the McCulloch MCC4516FK 16-Inch 4.5-Hoprsepower Electric Chain Saw, "Started using this McCullough to trim some trees. Did ok for the few I had at the time. Later, cut down a Cypress with a trunk of about 4 inches. The saw started heating up quite a bit so I let it cool down. By this time, the motor was acting sporadic. Later, I attempted to cut down a small Douglas Fir with a trunk of only 3 inches. I only got about 1/4 the way through and the motor started throwing out sparks and was smoking and heating up to the point that I could not hold it comfortably. Now it appears that this McCullough is toast. What a waste of money. I'm going to write the company. Hope it will do some good. Please don't buy this chainsaw. Look at something else. I'm sure there is better out there, but probably for more money. Guess you get what you pay for."


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Trevor Birch says

"Wish I had read the other reviews before I purchased a GB 355BP, which arrived without a seal in the fuel cap. Only discovered this while operating the machine and having petrol spilt over my trousers. I would have excused this had McCulloch sent the missing part. Their response via the retailer was that it was a consumable not covered by the warranty. How on earth does a missing part become a consumable part. Extremely myopic and mean spirited response by McCulloch who expected me to drive 20 miles to the nearest agent so they could examine the machine, rather than replace the missing washer, truly unbelievable. McCulloch hang your head in shame!!!"

Tarbet Balfour says

"Bought their Universal Protection Kit for use with chainsaws. Helmet with face shield and ear muffs, Gloves and leggings for £100.00. Unpacked it Instructions show image 10 ,, a chinstrap and how to fit it. NO CHIN STRAP in box. Took it back to Argos, got another sealed box SAME NO CHIN STRAP. Phoned McCulloch. "Due to Covid we are not taking calls" tried emailing them . The email link requires a serial number and a product number both of which this kit does not have. no way to contact them re getting the missing chin strap as seen on image 10 and how to fit it. PLEASE NOTE WITHOUT THE CHIN STRAP DOES NOT MEET SAFETY STANDARDS, So dont waste your £100.00. If they ever get back to me on this site I will keep you updated. Really disappointed in what is a good all in one product pack. JUST NOTICED YEARS OF BAD REVIEWS AND NOT ONE RESPONSE FROM THE COMPANY, SAYS IT ALL, AVOID ANOTHER COMPANY THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE MANNERS TO RESPOND TO MY POST. AVOID."

david says

"Need a new fuel pipe. Mcculloch gave me a price of almost £40 for 1 inch of pipe"

Marino JC Rumbolà says

"Unfortunately, I cannot recommend buying from AgriEuro, let alone the tractor indicated below. I bought a McCulloch M105-77X ride on mower Ideal for gardens up to 3000 m² (as stated by the manufacturer). Used one season (4 months) to mow the lawn on an area of ​​about 800m² with dense lawn and the blade belt is broken, I state that the lawn is cut in the afternoon, therefore dry or almost dry and the height does not exceed 10cm tall. The AgriEuro technical assistance service, after making me wait a few days, told me that the belt is a consumable part, in fact it is and it is not a failure under warranty. So I wonder, I have to spend about € 50.00 every three / four months on labor for the replacement, then another € 50.00 = € 100.00 !! This little tractor seen its delicacy is a toy! I DO NOT RECOMMEND purchase, avoid this shop as well as it does not have serious customer service, they pretend to be courteous and polite but they don't solve problems. Unfortunately like other reviews."

Richard Brown says

"I purchased a mcculloch chainsaw which after about 18 months developed some faults. Spoke to customer services who advised me that the warranty was only for 12 months. Felt a bit frustrated as the chainsaw has had little use and probably only been in use for 3 months. Was advised to contact a local dealer to assess and the repair was to be at my cost!! Spoke to a couple of local dealers who told me that they were unable to obtain mcculloch parts so would not be able to repair.........Left with no option but to purchase a new unit ( won't be a mcculloch). Poor customer service and poor quality. Supposedly, Husqvarna own mcculloch(?) and my machine has a Husqvarna label on it?? I am surprised.... May be Husqvarna have seen the light and getting rid of all their poor quality partners??? I certainly won't touch another mcculloch product (or at least a chainsaw) again...."

Joe says

"I purchase a robotic lawn mower from Amazon and it came without the boundary wire. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that they would send me the wire out and took my address. The wire never came and I contacted them two weeks later and they told me that they are not sending it out. The lawn mower is useless without the wire. Do not purchase anything from this company it has horrible customer service and they lie to you."

Simon Steel says

"Utter rubbish. Just scrapped a Mcculloch mower glad to see it gone. Flimsy American rubbish. Be warned All bolts are American thread pattern not metric making hard to replace bits that fall off (which the did). Height adjuster handles came off on first day. Poor wheel traction. Will never buy this brand again. The macallister I bought to replace it blows it out of the water for build and quality. Wish I’d scrapped it sooner."

Kurt Benfield says

"Purchased a McCullough MC1375 steamer on July 22, 2019. Laid down in the middle of a job on May 19th, 2020. Supposedly this product has a 2 year replacement warranty, which would be great if there was any way to get it honored. McCullough has made it next to impossible to as much as even contact then... no phone number, email from site is not functional (wont accept valid model /serial to even send email), zero responses to multiple messages to their Facebook page. I really liked the product till it had problems. But this thing with making yourself unavailable is a deal breaker for me going forward as far as purchasing any other McCullough products. Buyer beware."

Jimmy Wade.. says

"I bought a 18" Mccollough push mower last fall. Used it twice only. My gas is always treated with LUCAS and this little mower with a 5 ftlb setup worked great. 3 primer hits and first pull start every time. Last week I went to prime and gas went everywhere from under carb behind air cleaner. I am a good shade tree mechanic but I cannot see any place e for the gas to have come from but pump all day now, and not a bit of gas is being moved through the carb .Hopefully someone out there has suggestions or has experienced a similiar foul-up. Thankyou."

peter Spencer says

"McCulloch Don't Purchase this Brand there is no Warranty i had 3 issues in 8 months from a new garden tractor & had to pay each time to have my 4750 euro tractor repaired Stay Well-away Will not select REVERSE they said because of grass cuttings?? this bearing fails if any grass gets on it? mcculloch./uk/products/ride-on-mowers/ 1, Will not select reverse after 15.5 hours and only has cut grass. 2, Reverse pedal fell of due to made from plastic which is not serviceable for its intended purpose. 3, When trying to clear snow it does not have enough weight to do the job. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND PEOPLE They keep telling you to wait over the weekend, then wait this next week? You spend 4750 euros on a product that does not work & no help. Warranty i asked how long no answer, Website saying 12 months Details of the makers for contact they will not supply this information We have Asked who is the main dealer They Will not answer this question They have a Guy called Will, He will patronise your every word He works at the World Wide Facebook media account out of there Main Head Office in the UK Husqvarna (UK) Ltd Preston Road Aycliffe Industrial Park Newton Aycliffe Durham SL5 6UP T: +44(0)1325 302 302 My experience they pass problems from person to person & delay any reply or real action. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND PEOPLE"

PORG says

"Just needed some spares for a petrol mower (McCulloch), I believe McCulloch are allied/part of/owned by Husqvarna and also branded as Flymo. Ours is not put to heavy use, but simply needed a bit of T.L.C and necessary parts to keep it in good working order.. If you're tempted to buy any one of these brands my best advice is don't - they're not cheap, and therefore hardly a throw-away item and with contact and spares service unobtainable not (in my opinion anyway) deserving of customers. All I wanted was to query availability for one piece, so tried several contact numbers Spent ages waiting on the line several times and got no reply after being held on the line for over 10 minutes in every case.."

Maitland Kelly says

"Bought a Lawnmower from this company some months ago. My first impression wasn't great, the height adjuster seemed rather flimsy but I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. Pushing it up the incline of my garden (every other Lawnmower has managed it) is like shoving a drunk man around on ice. There is very little purchase on the wheels. The grass box isn't particularly secure and continues to fall off. I thought I may of been a little harsh so used the machine on a number of occasions but nope, it really is that bad. It's an awful machine to use and I regret not boxing it back up and sending it back. I sent McCulloch (UK) a message with polite feedback but didn't even have the courtesy of a reply. I'll put this company down to experience, albeit an experience that has cost me £260 for a product that really isn't fit for purpose."

Paul Michael says

"Awful awful awful!! If you buy a McCulloch lawnmower, be prepared for the fact that if anything goes wrong, they pass the buck at EVERY opportunity. They have no phone number to contact, they don't stock replacement parts even thought I needed one after only THREE WEEKS! Honestly, try anyone else but them, I have been passed from pillar to post and NO-ONE has been able to help me! Rubbish!"


"Bought a petrol strimmer this month. Tried to register it several times but was advised several times that the Serial Number was not recognised - eventually was successful. Started it up and used it for less than 10 minutes before running out of strimmer line !!. Pretty mean ! Nothing in the manual to instruct how to replace the (double) line safely so I had to fill out an online form. They then emailed me a telephone number to contact them which I did. They could not tell me how to replace the line and advised me to take it to my nearest garden machinery dealer ! Had to strip it down again to do this. Very poor service"

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